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In 2018 we'll be launching our tours from the

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January 20, 2018 Winter Fireplace Wine Tour

We start the 2018 wine tour season with our annual Winter Fireplace Wine Tour.  We will be visiting wineries with fireplaces with first stop being Medaloni Cellars in Lewisville.  Lunch will be at the Shiloh General Store, tasting at Dobbins Creek and tasting/vineyard tour at Piccione.
Medaloni Cellars, Dobbins Creek, Piccione
 February 17, 2018

Valentines Tour

Grab your valentine and head out to the Yadkin Valley.  Valentines tour will visit some great wineries with tasting and lunch at Herrera vineyards, vineyard tour and tasting at Stony Knoll. Last stop is Round Peak Vineyard for a wine or beer tasting.

Herrera, Stony Knoll,
Round Peak
 April 14th, 2018

Spring Bud Break Wine Tour

The grape vines are starting to show signs of life again and we do this tour to celebrate the beginning of the growing season.  We begin this tour at Laurel Gray Vineyards with a tasting and a vineyard tour.  We then go to the Shiloh General Store to pick up lunch before we head to Lazy Elm for another tasting.  Last stop is at Raylen Vineyards where we taste and do a winery tour.

Laurel Gray, Lazy Elm, Raylen
 May 12, 2017

Mothers Celebration Wine Tour

While this tour is not quite on Mothers Day we take time to celebrate all Mothers this month with a wine tour that starts at Westbend Vineyards where it all began. The pioneers of the Yadkin Valley.  Lunch will be at Westbend fingers crossed that they have their new restaurant open by then. Next stop is Flinthill vineyards to taste wine and do a vineyard tour. Last stop we visit the beautiful Stony Knoll vineyards with a winery tour and tasting.

Westbend, Flinthill, Stony Knoll
 June 9, 2018

Fathers Celebration Wine Tour 

Round up those Dads for a special and unique tour he will never forget.  This tour focus is on what Dads like -- Wine, Beer, and Whiskey. Round Peak is our first stop for a Wine or Beer tasting their choice and a winery tour.  Lunch will be at Westbend with tasting of yes wine or beer and a vineyard tour.  Last stop is Old Nicks Distillery for a Bourbon tasting -- just a nightcap for the day.

Round Peak, Westbend,
Old Nicks Distillery
 July 21, 2018

Island Sangria Wine Tour

We started doing this tour years ago to celebrate the Summertime and it continues to be the most popular tour we offer.  What could go wrong with 10 gallons of Sangria on the bus and three winery stops.  We load the bus to Toby Keith's Red Solo Cup as we pass them out and fill em up.  This years tour takes us to Southern Valley wineries .  Weathervane, Junius Lindsay, and Old Home Place vineyards.  This is not your typical tour so fasten your wine belts and be ready to spend the night after the tour.  We will be making special arrangements for lunch depending on group size.

Weather Vane, Junius Lindsay,
Old Home Place
 August 11, 2018

Summers End Wine Tour            

As Summer comes to a close and the grapes begin to ripen get ready because Harvest time is around the corner.  We start the tour by going by the Shiloh General Store to have the lunch ordered then go straight to Dobbins Creek for a Tasting.  Next stop is the newest Swan Creek vineyard Midnight Magdalena for yet another tasting with a final stop at Piccione for a vineyard tour and tasting. 

Dobbins Creek, Midnight Magdalena, Piccione
 September 15, 2018

Harvest Wine Tour #1

Harvest time is here in the Yadkin Valley.  Probably won't be able to go inside the winery during this time of the year but that won't stop us from watching the process from the outside

We start this tour at Raylen Vineyards with a tasting and vineyard tour.  Next stop for lunch is the Feedbag Restaurant in Farmington.  Next is a wine tasting at Brandon Hills vineyard in Yadkinville and finish the tour at Laurel Gray vineyards in the Swan Creek AVA.

Raylen, Brandon Hills,
Laurel Gray
September 29, 2018

Harvest Wine Tour #2 

Harvest of the grapes is now in full swing -- both whites and now reds are being picked and brought into the winery.  We begin this tour at Flint Hill Vineyards in the Yadkin River area with a tasting and vineyard tour.  Next is lunch at Alex's Grill in East Bend.  Stony Knoll is our next stop and be ready for a winery tour if possible .  Last stop is Round Peak Vineyards with a choice of Wine or Beer tasting.

Flint Hill, Stony Knoll,
Round Peak
October 13, 2018

Fall Colors Wine Tour #1  

Fall time is here and the leaves are starting to change in the Northern Valley area.  We start this tour at Herrera Vineyards formerly Black Wolf Vineyards.  We will have a tasting and lunch at their restaurant to start the tour.  Next stop is Stony Knoll vineyards for a tasting and vineyard tour.  Last stop will be Round Peak Vineyards for a Wine or Beer tasting.

Herrera, Stony Knoll,
Round Peak
October 27, 2018

Fall Colors Wine Tour #2

The leaves are falling pretty good by now and we head to the Central Yadkin Valley area for some awesome wine tastings.  Dobbins Creek is first on the list with lunch at Shiloh General Store in the Swan Creek AVA.  Piccione is next with a tasting and vineyard tour,  and yes last but not least is Medaloni Cellars in Lewisville NC. 

Dobbins Creek, Piccione,
Medaloni Cellars
November 10, 2018

Give Thanks for Wine Tour

The end of the Public Wine Tour season is here.  We visit Westbend Vineyards for a tasting, lunch and vineyard tour.  Next is Midnight Magdalena for a tasting and scenic view of the VA mountains.  Last stop is Dobbins Creek for a tasting and sipping wine on is awesome Log cabin porch.

West Bend, Midnight Magdalena, Dobbins Creek


Northern Valley Wine Trail:
Shelton Vineyards and Harvest Grill Restaurant    
Jones vonDrehle Vineyards & Winery  
Old North State Winery & Brewery  
Olde Mill Winery & Vineyards 

Yadkin River Trail:
Flint Hill Vineyards and Century Kitchen     
Divine Llama Vineyards  
Sanders Ridge Vineyard and Winery    
Cellar 4201 Vineyard 

Shallowford Trail:
RayLen Vineyards    
Hanover Park Vineyard  
Westbend Vineyards  
Misty Creek Vineyard 

Southern Gateway Trail:
Childress Vineyards
Junius Lindsay Vineyard
Weathervane Winery 

Swan Creek:
Raffaldini Vineyards & Winery  
Laurel Gray Vineyards   
Shadow Springs Vineyard  
Dobbins Creek Vineyards

Windsor Run Cellars


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